Keynote Plays Ball with PowerPoint
Subject:   Keynote 1.5 suggestions
Date:   2003-09-15 07:29:05
From:   idarwin
Response to: Keynote 1.5 suggestions

Quite right about Flash, but that support is provided by QuickTime automagically as part of OS X, and I did say :-) that Keynote supports every graphics format that OS X does. (If you're not sure, double click on a .swf file from the Finder, you'll see it open in the QT player).

As far as feature suggestions, well, everybody has 'em that uses it. Please do use the "Provide Keynote Feedback" item on the Keynote menu - the developers are much more likely to see it than if you post it here (though I hope the developers will read this discussion too!).

-- Ian