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Subject:   Inconsistent terminology
Date:   2003-09-16 07:14:40
From:   anonymous2
Use the same term to describe something, don't invent a new term. Multiple distributions aggravate this. I decided to try a new email client and during setup it asked for my mail address. I thought that was irrelevant and left it blank. The email client would not work and would not tell me why it could not connect to my ISP to get my email. After hours of searching and posting to mailing lists I thought I would enter my email address into the "mail address" box and it worked. When I complained to the mailing list about the poor terminology I was told I was the idiot for thinking "mailing address" referred to my street address rather than my email address. I have wasted hours solving problems that were simply terminology problems. RTFM complicates this far more than it helps.

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  1. Inconsistent terminology
    2003-10-29 06:19:25  anonymous2 [View]

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