Is Linux Annoying?
Subject:   Documentation
Date:   2003-09-16 09:19:07
From:   anonymous2
Now I'm a real beginner with Linux, so maybe this annoyance will lessen with time and knowledge. I'm well aware of the wealth of information available about Linux (or GNU/Linux, for the purists...) The problem/annoyance is the level at which so much of this information is pitched. i can't give chapter and verse, but a humorous example goes something like this:

HOWTO for app XYZ-2.4.11

1. Clear comprehensible first step.
2. Clear comprehensible second step..
3. Gee I'm getting somewhere...
4. "Steps 4, 5 and six are trivial and not worth documenting since everyone knows and understands them...

Except me? So...

$ man XYZ
$ extremely logical and carefully crafted gibberish incomprehensible to newbies....

$ lynx http://

more very logical advice incomprehensible to newbie...

Maybe I get lucky on a forum....but all this can be annoying....and maybe when I know more I can help by writing a simpler doc for the app in question. In the meantime.....AAARGH!

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