Keynote Plays Ball with PowerPoint
Subject:   Command-Tab disabled. A wish for drawing.
Date:   2003-09-18 00:13:21
From:   orn-bob
When I was training customers as a product consultant I made heavy use of application switching during a slide show with PowerPoint. I would Alt-Tab to IE to live demo some feature of the (Web) application.

PowerPoint has disabled Command-Tab, requiring the show to be stopped and restarted around the app switch. It's disruptive to the communications flow.

There is just ONE drawing primitive I wish for in Keynote: an arbitrary polygon. With that I can get pretty far without the other fancy primitives PPT has. Importing from Illustrator 8 (I can't afford to upgrade) produces ugly graphics.

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  1. Ian F. Darwin photo Command-Tab disabled. A wish for drawing.
    2003-09-18 11:00:48  Ian F. Darwin | O'Reilly Author [View]

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