Cleaning and Customizing Your Ports
Subject:   Port Understanding
Date:   2003-09-19 13:22:05
From:   anonymous2
Hello Dru

First, I have to thank you for your decent articles. After I spent time in finding a pin in a heystack from somewhere else, I finally can make the old machine become the server because of your instructions.

I am very new with FreeBSD, specially the installation. If possible, I'd like you to brief on "Port". I mean English in English. I read several times in the Handbook, and I still cannot understand and figure out what I should do. I did not install the ports at the first installation. I tried to do with the Post-Installation, but it didn't work. It said it could not match the port with my version (4.5 Release) on FTP. I tried to get the ports from the original CD's, and it did not work either. My goal is to install MySQL database on the box. Please help.

Thank you for your articles.