Hacking TiVo, Part 2
Subject:   Not for DTivo
Date:   2003-09-20 16:54:24
From:   anonymous2
Am I correct in assuming any video extraction tips are not for DirectTivo's? I've tried the extraction hacks in the book and they seem to produce unusable files/streams. Further research seems to indicate that S1 DTivos scrable their video files. There are apparently hacks to prevent this scrambling, but they seem rather messy to say the least (lots of inadvertant tivo rebooting - the wife would be very unahappy).

Also, while the book is great, there seem to be more than a few typos in the code, not to mention key omissions like the one related to processing video source from a DTivo.

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  1. Not for DTivo
    2003-10-21 08:20:29  anonymous2 [View]

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