Building Unix Tools with Ruby
Subject:   "It's code like this that causes unrest."
Date:   2003-09-21 02:12:23
From:   anonymous2
I have to agree with the other comments that the code is very un-Ruby-like. Seems like someone who's only recently come from Perl and is trying to write Ruby in a Perl style.

"while gets {}" for example. What nonsense. "$stdin.readlines.each {}" is much more Rubyish.

The reinvention of the command-line and CSV parsing wheels is also something that tends to afflict Perl people, not to mention the fact that the CSV parsing is inadequate and will fail with embedded commas.

Overall, 4/10 for effort.

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  1. "more Rubyish" isn't relevant in this case
    2003-09-21 05:13:39  dblack [View]

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