Keynote Plays Ball with PowerPoint
Subject:   Printing Pains
Date:   2003-09-22 03:03:31
From:   anonymous2
I find the printing options in keynote very restrictive. The slides with notes option wastes a lot of space on the page, putting the slide aligned top and centre, with notes text underneath. If the notes text doesn't all fit on the page, it cuts it off.

I also find the text in the notes area changes font and size randomly, and there is no way to make them all match at once.

The handouts option really isn't useful either, and you have to have landscape view.
I seem to remember finding printing lecture notes from Windows powerpoint great in "handout mode" as it ignored all fancy fonts and colours.

Also, whenever I output to pdf or preview (which is just a short cut to output to pdf) the two(or four)-to-a-page option is ignored (I always get 1 to a page!)