Audio/Video Conferencing with iChat AV
Subject:   ichat
Date:   2003-09-23 17:22:19
From:   anonymous2
Response to: ichat

A few things,
one, you clearly don't have a mac, no big deal, how do I know, you type like a gamer and there are no mac gamers
two, it's just operating system, why do you care so much, you should looking into getting a hobby outside of posts unrelated to the topic
three. if you are a pc user, why did you bother to read the whole article? and why did you post?
four if you have such a huge negative of macs, why did you buy one?
five there are only two possible explanation:
1. you have too much money, in which case you should give it to charities, not ones that lobby congress for more tax cuts for cat, you
2. you are poor and can't afford a mac but you can afford a major case of sour grapes, in which case: your mom's so po' she can't affors the or.
six why did you get a pc? probably becaise you are too poor or you want to which much do you weigh,
seven why did you save a single letter by typing "yer" instead of "your" but waste two letters by typing apple instead of mac, again, another clear sign of how you are so not aa mac user
eight .....there could be an eight but won't be...I'll spend my time here at college on homework, so I can become less poor than you and/or have more sex than you, keep monitoring message boards fatty!