Paul Vixie on VeriSign
Subject:   Operating the Internet
Date:   2003-09-23 22:02:23
From:   anonymous2
Paul's comments are sensible as always. He identified several reasons why wildcards are inappropriate for use in TLDs:

1) their effect on spam filtering
2) monetization
3) privacy concerns
4) standards violations
5) misuse of reserved domains
6) unexpected behavior generally

To this list I will add one more: damage to internationalization. Previously, a name lookup that returned NXDOMAIN could be detected and processed in the language appropriate to the application. Now the lookup resolves to "" which is meaningless for most network services, and yields a Web page in English only for HTTP.

There was no confusion in my mind as I watched the transfer take place between sri-nic and Verisign. Vixie has it right. Administration of the DNS is a public trust, and VeriSign is the caretaker, not the owner. And now VeriSign has abused that trust.