Paul Vixie on VeriSign
Subject:   Now is the time to transfer ...
Date:   2003-09-23 23:18:51
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Now is the time to transfer ...

American, eh? Upset your Dubbya can't get his own way all the time, eh? The US needs to support the UN, not undermine it. A few months ago the UN was just an obstacle. Now that Iraq is costing Dubbya money, he wants the UN to help. Hypocrit!

Anyway, back on topic, I agree that Verisign needs to be removed from the loop. It doesn't much matter who replaces them as long as they are required not to futz with the DNS.

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  1. Now is the time to transfer ...
    2003-09-25 07:07:28  anonymous2 [View]

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