More iSight Video Tricks
Subject:   Very inspiring...
Date:   2003-09-24 05:33:53
From:   kalima

Your last articles on O'Reilly about iSight were indeed very inspiring: during Apple Expo (Paris), our wifi group broadcasted - live - their footage, with iSight of course.
Three iSight, two Titanium, two 12" PowerBook and two iBook were used for this, as long as two 8dB omni antennas and a D-link 802.11g wireless router. Basic stuff.

You can check the pictures here:

And the first video is here:

And yes, it's an iSight on top of my winged-helmet...

Please, keep in mind that this is our first attempt (with no rehearsal); I'm pretty sure we could achieve something much better by tinkering the numerous settings involved. :)

Fabien de Serres

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