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  Paul Vixie on VeriSign
Subject:   They are stealing my visitors
Date:   2003-09-24 11:38:24
From:   neves
>>It's really meant to be a service for the supposedly inconvenienced web surfers. VeriSign maintains that its search page is more useful than 404 error messages. <<

The problem is that they just "recommend" domains of Verisign network. I'm owner of the brazilian domain www.samba-choro.com.br, if someone types www.samba-choro.com.br, Verisign won't suggest the correct domain (but Microsoft does). When Microsoft recommends the domain www.samba-choro.com.br for anybody who types www.samba-choro.com, they are helping the users to find the desired information, Verisign is just stealing my hits.