Porting Linux to the iPod
Subject:   Ogg, of course.
Date:   2003-09-26 11:34:17
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Interesting

The factory version of the Ipod won't play my
Ogg files. What good is it without Ogg support?

That aside, it's a compact portable computer
that just happens to be marketed as a music
player. Whatever you program it to do, you
get the benefit of its mass-produced low(ish)
price. So your question is, why in the world
would anyone want a computer the size of an

Lots of people wouldn't pay $300 for a
lousy music player, but would happily pay that
for something they find actally useful.

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  1. Ogg, of course.
    2003-09-26 13:27:58  anonymous2 [View]

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