Is Linux Annoying?
Subject:   Printing
Date:   2003-09-30 05:59:46
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Printing

Oh, my goodness! Printing...

A bit of preambule. I happen to belong to that part of humanity that does not use latin characters (I am Russian). At that time I was working in Ireland in one of the software biggies. That software company (name starts with O) has a very strong message on Linux.

So, I have made a bet with my colleagues - to have Microsoft-free workstation. So, I have put SuSE8.1, StarOffice, Mozilla and was happy. I could browse russian web sites, read documents, etc.

However, when it came to printing... I could not possibly make CUPS printing cyrillic fonts. It was a hell of a job. (mind you, that I took Windows fonts, they worked perfectly on screen).

So, my annoyance is: why Linux does not have WYSIWYG as Windows?

I could not possibly made it working. I gave up. When I wanted to print russian book from on-line library, I had to go to my Win2K PC. Annoying? No doubts.