Making Movies with the Apple iSight
Subject:   iSight Image Capture
Date:   2003-10-03 17:06:33
From:   gandalf1313
Can someone please help me?I know I'm in the right place!
I want to use my iSight to capture real-time pictures as a camera for astonomy photos (astrophotography). I already have adapted my iSight to my Celestron 11" GPS scope. I just need software that will allow me to view the image on the screen of my Ti-Book, and then capture a frame (or more subsequent individual frames) onto my hard drive, save them in a hi-resolution format, and be able to export them to something like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements for later stacking/modification, then final printout/saving of the stacked file. Someone out there must know how to do this (i.e., just the capture of the individual frames and ability to save in different graphics formats). Any detailed advise would be greatly appreciated. Please email me personally :

Zach Hilgers

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