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Subject:   SSH into LAN'd Mac?
Date:   2003-10-06 00:11:11
From:   anonymous2
I've got my Macs on a router sharing an IP. How do you log in to one of these? Would it just be logging in to the IP given to the router by the DHCP, but since you are going into a user, it knows where to go? I think not? Could do manual IPs on the systems but those are private, so how would one go to the main address, then choose which local private addy to go into? I'm thinking doing a DYNDNS setup that updates upon IP change, but that's still only going as deep as the router. Would you have to port forward? And if so, can that only be to one machine, not multiples?

thanks for any info,
No clue

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  1. SSH into LAN'd Mac?
    2003-10-14 07:28:09  anonymous2 [View]

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