Introducing mod_python
Subject:   Congrats!
Date:   2003-10-06 11:22:28
From:   sethladd1
I'm very excited to hear this news. I've always thought python to be a great language to develop in. But I've always been skeptical about Python and web development. I come from the Java world where there are some core standards that all app. servers adhere to. That makes learning, teaching, and deploying web applications in java so much easier.

In Python, there are no such standards, and there are a handful of promising, but totally different, development environments (mentioned above in your article, too).

For Python to really succeed in an area that I think it's destined to, there must emerge some dominant standard web development framework. The new mod_python, with support for cookies and sessions, might just be this standard development environment.

So thanks for adding in cookies and sessions. I want to replace all my PHP and Perl scripts with Python scripts. And one day, all of my Java will be gone. I can't wait!