Introducing mod_python
Subject:   Good news for web-application developers
Date:   2003-10-06 14:31:47
From:   anonymous2
I wholeheartedly agree with the previous commenter in that we shouldn't have to deal with perl or php especially when writing a large-scale web-applications. Don't get me wrong, the problem with perl is not because it's not powerful enough, but unlike Python, Perl just doesn't lend itself to uniform coding and easy-to-read-and-maintain-ability that is key to large-scale web-applications that tend to be written by numerous developers over a long time.

I wrote Zope programs (Python). Zope is excellent in terms of productivity and the Zope http server is nothing to sneeze at, but I have to admit that if my target clients are in the thousands or more, Apache is more scalable.

Good job!

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