Outboard Brains for Mac OS X
Subject:   All these miss most important feature...
Date:   2003-10-06 23:45:01
From:   anonymous2 should be able to carry an outside brain with you. Syncing with Palm in my opinion would be the most important. LLamagraphics Life Balance offers this, but cost $80. It would be nice if the other pensieve expanded into the Palm world.
I think this also applies to Apple: Everybody's always talking about a PDA from Apple, but I think the Palm is just fine. What we would really need is an "iLife" application suite for the Palm (PIMS, photos, MP3, etc. totally integrated with the Mac platform) for $50-100.

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  1. All these miss most important feature...
    2003-10-06 23:46:33  anonymous2 [View]

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