Ant and AppleScript
Subject:   Antfarm Source
Date:   2003-10-07 01:34:25
From:   sanchonevesgraca
Response to: Antfarm Source

It's up to you to decide if and how to release the source code. I am happy to learn that you do intend to release it. However, you could think of opening up the development itself. That is, allowing other people to read and commit to your repository. This does not mean hosting work for you if you move the project to a third-party open repository (e.g., Sourceforce, Tigris). Likewise, the license can be picked-up quite easily from those at (the Apache license is popular, the GPL license is polemic). The whole point of open source projects is that people contribute to the betterment of the product in an evolutionary way, often without any short-term monetary profit in mind. If you think the comments posted to this article will contribute to your project, think again. If you look at past O'Reilly articles on any subject, most comments die out within one or two months after the article has been published. This is because of the natural way conversations are carried out: articles are read and then filed away, while mailing lists or bug reports are actively maintained. Visiting your website is likewise not very helpful: downloading binary packages is the luxury that only big software houses can still afford to impose on developers. For example, I would have a go at your iTunes Java API if the source code was available. It's not and that put me off completely. Wouldn't you learn more about the art of programming if you let other people read your code and make it better?