XP on the PowerPC
Subject:   Everything but the Clie
Date:   2003-10-09 09:06:21
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Everything but the Clie

hi there,
I have the same problems, that I can not sync my clie NZ 90 with virtual pc 5.0 (Windows 98 / Outlook 2000). Even when I disable the hotsync manager on my Mac (OS 10.2.6) the sync doesn't work. I can see the Sony handheld in both the system settings / devices and the virtual pc usb settings. But it doesn't work. What do you mean saying "set up the sync process as you normally would on the PC"? Shall I use USB- or Com-Ports and if Com-Ports, which baud-ratings and other settings do I need.
So please help a little German idiot. I was trying every setting you could imagine, I think.
Best wishes from Germany