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Subject:   MySQL
Date:   2003-10-09 13:46:45
From:   joshpaul
Response to: MySQL

Yup...MySQL. I initially had a tough time setting it up as well. Before I dive in here, I highly recommend OpenBase database products.

In order to set up MySQL you will need to install it first. If you have not, I recommend using Aaron Faby's fantastic installer ( After installing MySQL you will need the correct JDBC driver, which can be downloaded from the MySQL website.

From there, you will need to do the following, using the "Model:Switch Adaptor..." menu item:
1) make sure your EOModel is using the JDBC connector
2) enter the Username for the database you are connecting to
3) enter the Password for the user/database you are connecting to
4) enter the URL for your database (i.e. jdbc:mysql://localhost/my_database)
5) enter the JDBC driver information (i.e.

I hope that information helps.

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