Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl
Subject:   can't run scripts with Apache::Registry
Date:   2003-10-10 18:11:53
From:   dstone27
Ok, I've followed this tutorial and seem to have it all working. I can run the perl-status script. It brings up several links. I click on 'Loaded Modules' and then it brings up a list Apache::Connection, Apache::Constants and quite a few others. If I click on any of those it says: Please install Devel::Symdump which I loaded via -MCPAN -e install 'Devel::Symdump' and it still returns the same: Please install etc.

Then I try using Apache::Registry following another tutorial ( by placing the following in my httpd.conf:

Alias /perl/ /usr/local/apache/perl/

<Location /perl>
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::Registry
PerlSendHeader On
Options +ExecCGI

and making the appropriate directory and loading a test "hello world" test script. I restart the server and hit http://localhost/perl/ (the name of the script) and it won't work. I get 'page can't be found' error from my browser. I've set permissions on the file to 755 and 777 for the /perl directory and restarted the server but no luck. I know there are security issues with my perm settings but will twek those later. I'd also like some info on how to change the user running apache, currently it is running as root which I've heard is also a security issue. Any guidance would be great as I'd love to start developing my site. Thanks

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  1. David Wheeler photo can't run scripts with Apache::Registry
    2003-10-24 16:17:26  David Wheeler | O'Reilly Author [View]

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