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  Ten Things I Dig About Panther
Subject:   An alternative to excessive clicking
Date:   2003-10-10 19:19:31
From:   anonymous2
"Moving the focus of the finder to the User's home directory instead of the boot disk is a welcome change. Not having to go click-click-click to navigate a new Finder window from the boot disk to the home folder will save me thousands of clicks a year."

How about this? Apple+shift+H in the Finder will open a new Finder window with your home directory. It's an awkward key combo, but you can also drag your home directory into the Dock and click it to get the same.

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    2003-10-14 12:31:26  James Duncan Davidson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

  2. An alternative to excessive clicking
    2003-10-10 20:06:37  maarky [View]

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