An Interview with Simon Phipps
Subject:   Simon Phipps
Date:   2001-03-23 22:39:49
From:   jeffreyr_97
This is hilarious, Simon Phipps is just a mediocre, englishman who has no idea what's going on. That is why he is not at IBM. Simon would not know Cobol from Java, or XML even it he got hit by a by Java add.
The only thing that Sun has ever got is just a buch of mediocre, sales people, such as Simon Phipps, and Patt S..
That SUN has a XML strategy is just a joke, look at who is contributing to the Apache XML project, and what is SUN doing.
Good move for Simon, hope he gets paid quite well, his next job may not be as glamorous.
Hope he dresses better, wearing black all the times doesn't cut it. This is a middle age, mediocre, guy with an accent trying to pass for a geek.
Sorry but I don't have sympathy, I met Simon at Internet World in Chicago a couple of years ago and he did not impress me . I am glad that IBM got rid of him.
Ta Ta..............