Independent Label Go-Kart Records Embraces MP3s
Subject:   Go-kart Fights RIAA via Free Downloads
Date:   2003-10-12 19:29:07
From:   anonymous2
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Free Album Downloads & an open letter to RIAA!

We at Go-Kart Records want to make it perfectly clear that the RIAA does not represent the views of all record labels. So, we are putting our music where our mouth is to prove a point. We believe that if you like the music you hear you will support it by going to shows, telling your friends, and buying the bands CDs. With this in mind, we are allowing people to download some of our current releases AT NO CHARGE. In other words, we are essentially GIVING these albums away!

We feel that only by embracing technology can we gain from it, and that a battle like the one that the RIAA is fighting can simply not be won.

We do not believe that online downloads are all that is hurting the music industry. It is a combination of problems, CD burning being the most injurious. Of course, major labels will never take action against the manufacturers of burnable CDs, since in some cases they would then have to sue themselves (why would Sony sue Sony?) Instead they are going after the music fans, whom they hope to intimidate and extort.

We also feel that the lack of original and meaningful music is part of the major labels' problem. Simply put, if there is better music, people will spend money to own it instead of downloading or burning it. The success of Itunes proves that people are willing to buy music online if it is delivered in an intelligent way that is respectful of the consumer.

The major labels control almost all the means of exposure available today. How can you sell records without exposure? Radio is controlled through payola (or its modern form, consultants), the print media is controlled through quid-pro-quo agreements of ads for coverage and vice versa, retail is controlled by co-op dollars (which also includes in-store play for videos), and they even buy their artists' way onto opening slots on tours. So, with a few exceptions, the new music that most people are exposed to is controlled by the five major labels. But they CAN'T control what people download. All they can try to do is control people's access to MP3s, or scare them out of downloading music altogether!

These songs are all RIAA safe! If you like what you hear, please make a donation (see the PayPal button), check out the bands' shows, and spread the word. If you don't, what have you lost?

To read a more in depth article about why we feel the RIAA is wrong please click here and please send this email and/or the open letter to the RIAA to as many people as you can. Only by educating each other can we hope to take advantage of the technical innovations and not run scared from them.

To read an interview discussing this with Greg from Go-kart go here

Also, make sure to check out our upcoming release, the first commercially sold MP3 Sampler called GO-KART MP300 RACEWAY featuring 150 bands and 300 songs. Visit for a demonstration.

Team @ Go-Kart Records