Good Books, Smalltalk, and Squeak
Subject:   Alternative to Eclipse
Date:   2003-10-13 06:04:00
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Alternative to Eclipse

When I started at my current shop (6 folks developing when I started) they were using NetBeans. The new guys had the choice of NetBeans or Eclipse. Me and all the other new guys went with Eclipse. Within two months, everyone switched to it (15 developers now).

A couple of months ago the client finally agreed to let us to use something other than open source. A few of us who'd been using Intellij before starting here began a push for it. Within a month, everyone, and I mean everyone who tried it wanted to switch. We shelled out the money and the rest is history. Though everyone has a choice, no one is using NetBeans; no one is using Eclipse.