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  Ten Things I Dig About Panther
Subject:   Synchronize?
Date:   2003-10-14 12:34:35
From:   duncan
Response to: Synchronize?

Nope. rsync and cvs both clobber resource forks. Not a big deal for many file formats, but for a few, it's a huge deal. Luckily, all of the file formats that I work with don't suffer when their resource forks are stripped.

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  1. Synchronize?
    2004-01-30 19:51:30  jwp [View]

    • oops
      2004-01-30 19:52:52  jwp [View]

  2. Synchronize?
    2004-01-30 19:51:12  jwp [View]

  3. Synchronize?
    2004-01-30 19:50:56  jwp [View]

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