The Penny-Pinching PowerBook 1400 Goes Wireless
Subject:   can't get it to work on my PB 1400c
Date:   2003-10-14 20:36:58
From:   powell789
Response to: can't get it to work on my PB 1400c

More info from original poster:

1. I'm running OS 9.1. and the PB1400c has 48 MB of RAM.

2. I received the following e-mail from Orinoco regarding their driver on PB1400's:

"Our 802.11b driver doesn't work with your model PowerBook because it requires an internal application called PC Card Manager 3. Unfortunately, this isn't a file on the hard drive that you can upgrade.

If and when we extend support to older PowerBooks, we'll announce it first on our mailing lists. Details on joining are at <>."