An Introduction to WebObjects
Subject:   MySQL
Date:   2003-10-15 08:50:31
From:   joshpaul
Response to: MySQL

(My personal opinion...)

I've used a variety of databases, including MySQL and OpenBase. I've found OpenBase's support to be exceptional, as well as the administration tools. The company also uses WebObjects for it's online presence, so they know how both WO and OB interact in "real world" scenarios.

I within the past two years, I have moved a WO project from OpenBase to MySQL and back again. I've found the performance of both to be similar (~50,000 transactions per day). I moved back to OB for two reasons:
1) I prefer the OB administration tools
2) OB offers an option to index Word, PDF, etc.

The beauty of EOF is that I can move my project(s) from one database to another with little effort.