The Penny-Pinching PowerBook 1400 Goes Wireless
Subject:   can't get it to work on my PB 1400c
Date:   2003-10-16 10:44:31
From:   powell789
Response to: can't get it to work on my PB 1400c

I called a friend who's a sort of I.T. guy, and he brought his Windoze laptop with the objective to try to update the firmware on the WiFi PC card. After a few hours, he was still unable to do so, although he did manage to communicate with the card and gets its lights to flash. Finally he gave me another similar Lucent "Silver" card to try... voila! it works!

SO: the moral to this story seems to be, that the Lucent card MAY work with a PB 1400, and the Orinico 7.2 driver DOES work with the PB 1400 (despite assurances by Orinoco that it can't because it requires PC Card Manager 3), but for some reasons SOME Lucent cards just don't work, or require a firmware update, perhaps, to get them to work.

Is it now clear as mud??