The PHP Scalability Myth
Subject:   Zope
Date:   2003-10-17 19:24:34
From:   anonymous2
Zope gets surprisingly little mention in these sorts of discussions. Zope has...

* a persistant enterprise level object database, that handles a distributed backend completely transparently (so you dont have to use nasty hacks like hidden variables to store state data. The session data can store key-value pairs of any python object, and is duplicated across multiple servers using ZEO)

* Zope Page Templates
Possibly the best templating language in existance, ZPT fullfills everything you need for your presentation layer.

* Python Scripting
Zope supports python scripts and python products. Scripts are stored inside the ZODB and are generally used to help process data for page templates.

Python Products are where the meat of the processing happens. This is where you define your classes. Each class can be instantiated multiple time into the ZODB (i.e. /sites/clienta AND /sites/clientb). So you can have the same codebase running two sites without setting up a seperate server.

* CMF and Plone
Two out-of-the-box products available for Zope, CMF and Plone are probably the most powerfull content management systems known to man. You can extend these to your hearts content- I've created systems for under $1000 that were estimated at $50,000 by a J2EE development firm. I've consistantly been able to duplicate a weeks worth of J2EE in about a day of Zope.

I havn't even began to touch the full power of zope. It's really such an extreme difference in philosophy to J2EE or PHP design models that you need to experience it for yourself.