Open Database Connectivity in Jaguar
Subject:   No DSN entered
Date:   2003-10-19 09:10:07
From:   anonymous2
I followed the instructions and unfortunately, I can't get the ODBC to work. After installing iODBC, I went to test the datasource using iODBC test and I got the following message:

[MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]No DNS entered

Just to clarify a few issues. When using iODBC, the first step was to open ODBC Drivers tab. Here I was asked for a description of the driver (I entered mysql). The next box asked for the Driver filename (I browsed to the driver in /Library/MyODBC/lib/). There are two files in this folder that could be the driver: libmyodbc3_r-3.51.06.bundle or libmyodbc3-3.51.06.bundle. Iíve tried both, but Iím not sure which one I should be using.

The next box asks for ďSetup file nameĒ. What goes in here?

I then went to the User DSN tab and I added a new User DSN. The first screen asks for the driver. I chose mysql.

I was then asked for the Data Source name. I used test. I entered the following key: value pairs: database: test;
username: root;
password: password.

I then tested the User DSN, but I get the error
[MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]No DSN entered

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  1. No DSN entered
    2003-11-03 10:25:56  anonymous2 [View]

    • No DSN entered
      2006-12-12 10:49:14  googol7 [View]

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