Using Squid on Intermittent Connections
Subject:   squid on dial-up
Date:   2003-10-20 11:41:31
From:   anonymous2
Response to: squid on dial-up

I can see, in general, how the scheme is supposed to work; I'm less sure of the nuts 'n bolts of how you put it together.

Presumably, you give your browser the hostname and port on which squid listens as its proxy server details.

How does squid 'know' where to go for its information stream from the 'net? Again, presumably, the default is to use something like ppp to manage the modem link, but how does squid know that its ppp (or whatever) that will be doing the talking to the modem? I didn't see a squid.conf entry that might define this, or am I overlooking something obvious?

Equally, presumably (but wandering to the very edge of the topic...) if this is happening on a remote machine (I'm assuming that ppp & squid are running on a server) you need to do something like a perl script with sockets to remotely turn ppp on and off as appropriate. Or have I overcomplicated this?

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