An Introduction to PEAR
Subject:   how can I tell if PEAR is installed?
Date:   2003-10-20 13:55:24
From:   anonymous2
Response to: how can I tell if PEAR is installed?

Assuming your machine has PEAR configured correctly and all is well the following should enlighten you as to if it is installed. Note though they may not have this package (PEAR_Info) installed... so you would prob get a fatal error... if your lucky provided by PEAR...if its installed :) - by the way when i checked this there was not docs for this package when i checked it (20th Oct 2003)... these are some of the main functions inside that class... along with

function setProxy($proxy)
function getPackages()
function getConfig()
function getCredits()
function pearImage() {
function show() {

// Include the appropriate PEAR classes
$pearinfo = &new PEAR_Info();

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