Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   Changing sendmail port from 25 to something else
Date:   2003-10-20 20:53:17
From:   anonymous2
Since i am using a PowerBook, it makes sense to use sendmail on my machine whenever i'm on a different network, instead of having to worry about changing my smtp settings in all the time. Although the "define(`SMART_HOST', `')" line works for a stationary machine, this line would have to be changed for every new ISP my PowerBook comes in contact with.

on the site, there is a FAQ that says to change the outgoing port to something OTHER than 25, insert this line in the file:

define(`SMTP_MAILER_ARGS', `TCP $h 2525')
-- or any other port you want. it doesn't have to be port 2525.

(the full FAQ is here: )

I tried that, and then ran the "update" script again, but when i telnet into my machine, it still shows sendmail as running on port 25! argh.

since i really do use my laptop everywhere, and connected to many different IPs, getting sendmail to use a non-restricted port is pretty essential.

Any suggestions?

I'll email ya a pizza if you can figure this one out :-)

-- jeffrey