The PHP Scalability Myth
Subject:   Major differences
Date:   2003-10-21 14:37:17
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Major differences

The presentation tier in particular, in web applications, tends to be where the most "lines of code" are produced (including XHTML or whatever). Do you invest a huge development effort by using a verbose, statically typed language save that time with a dynamic, minimalist langauge, designed specifically for the job?

Ever heard of taglibs, frameworks, template engines, HTML-PLAF and so on? If all you need is to grind out a confusing mess of code and html, I agree PHP has an edge, if you need something more, try out some of the Java alternatives, there in many cases no need to write any Java code at all.

Sun have realised this. So have Oracle. Even Borland.

Uh, must be why Oracle has added such a nice JSP wysiwyg editor and graphical struts support in their upcoming JDeveloper 10g :-)