jRendezvous: Java and Rendezvous Working Together
Subject:   server patch broke jrendezvous?
Date:   2003-10-21 20:50:29
From:   anonymous2
hi seth, I think your server patch broke jrendezvous when it is used to discover services which aren't already responded by another server (ie the apache mod). in you have added a [String server] to hold the name of the server which is handy for vhosts I think, but you can't key on that value in the DNS cache. the problem is that Rendezvous.handleQuery() populates the TYPE_A dns record with (the rendezvous style name) as a key, and in ServiceInfo.updateRecord() you've changed the comparison to check it against the server name. I managed to get your code to resolve non jrendezvous services (tested with iStorm, apache and subEthaEdit), but couldn't make it resolve the service I was supplying (ie using jrendezvous as the only responder). changing some of these comparisons back to only using the rendezvous name solved the problem. I roughly understand what you were trying to do by adding the server field, but it doesn't affect the project I'm working on so I'll leave it up to you to try to find the best overall solution. perhaps that's what the "text" field was for? you can always pack more info into props.... if you'd like a copy of my source files let me know..

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    • server patch broke jrendezvous?
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      • server patch broke jrendezvous?
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