Start Me Up: Writing and Understanding OS X StartupItems
Subject:   Stop
Date:   2003-10-22 09:41:22
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Stop

That is too bad. I have looked into this before as well and I am surprised that they have not done this. How are you supposed to run things like databases that need to be cleanly shutdown on OS X Server? To me this is a critical feature in production server environments and one that Apple will have to address to be considered when replacing Linux servers. I have read the section in the OS X System manual on StartupItems when it came out and am excited to see how it works in practice. I would be ok with them making it a setting and documenting known issues with the OS calling the stop parameter on shutdown. At least we would have a workaround then. Is anyone else conserned about running production databases on OS X Server without having the ability to shut them down cleanly?

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