jRendezvous: Java and Rendezvous Working Together
Subject:   server patch broke jrendezvous?
Date:   2003-10-22 15:14:37
From:   anonymous2
Response to: server patch broke jrendezvous?

hi seth, after looking through your changes a bit more I don't think I entirely understand your motivation to make the changes you did. your changes make it so tomcat returns an address such as
rather than

however I'm not sure this is a useful change for two reasons:
(a) mod_apache_rendezvous does not exhibit this behaviour, so why
should tomcat try to do something different?
(b) and more importantly any browser capable of doing rendezvous
service discovery should be quite able to handle a URL
of the second type. you say on page one of the article:
"While this server name resolves to a physical IP address,
clients should never cache that address. Rendezvous works so
well because services may move around on the network, even
changing IP addresses. Clients should cache the Service
Instance Name instead, allowing the service the flexibility
of movement."
from that I understand that the _correct url for this service
is the latter type, as it will still be correct even if the
service is no longer available on I guess
the argument could be made that seth-ladds-computer might
not always be valid either, but one would think that if you've
found the resource via rendezvous, you continue to locate it
in that manner, and if you've found the resource via some other
means then you should stick with that access type.

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