Ten Things I Dig About Panther
Subject:   UFS implementation needs to be updated
Date:   2003-10-22 15:37:13
From:   anonymous2
Here is my story. Got a PB G4/400/256 (Mercury) as
a hand-me-down about a year and a half ago.
Installed MacOSX from scratch and being familiar with
Unix and not with MacOS Classic I picked UFS instead
of HFS+ . For the past year I have been bitching on how
slow the system was while people all around me told
me that Jaguar was 'usable' on a 500Mhz.
When last week I decided to do a last effort attempt
before ditching MacOSX in favor of Linux o OpenBSD
I found some postings that lead me to the ugly
discovery that the UFS implementation in MacOSX is years old
and lacks any of the optimizations that are common
in the BSD world. Now I reinstalled 10.2 with HFS+
and my G4 works like a charm. I don't know if I should be
mad at myself for picking the wrong choice or at
Apple to release such atrociously slow implementation.

Looking forward to 10.3 ...