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Subject:   the make for vpopmail
Date:   2003-10-23 00:31:51
From:   anonymous2
I am using debian testing. :) having great success so far, except I am getting this error when trying to compile it.

In file included from vauth.c:32:
vmysql.h:25: error: syntax error before "MYSQL_UPDATE_SERVER"
In file included from vauth.c:32:
vmysql.h:53:22: missing terminating " character
vmysql.h:60:35: missing terminating " character

I know, syntax error, but I can find no fault with this file........


/* Edit to match your set up */
define MYSQL_UPDATE_SERVER "localhost"
define MYSQL_UPDATE_USER "vpopmail"
define MYSQL_UPDATE_PASSWD "password"

define MYSQL_READ_SERVER "localhost"
define MYSQL_READ_USER "vpopmail"
define MYSQL_READ_PASSWD "password"
/* End of setup section*/

any idea's? I was thinking it was my myqsl setup.. but not sure.. :)

mail me at thanks.

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