The Penny-Pinching PowerBook 1400 Goes Wireless
Subject:   PB 1400 Wireless
Date:   2003-10-23 05:46:14
From:   anonymous2
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Iread your article on Penny Pinching PB1400 Wireless. I am ready to buy a Dell 1150 and try this but I read this feedback, which is the same specs for my PB1400 now Im confued?
please more info
Thank You

More info from original poster:
1. I'm running OS 9.1. and the PB1400c has 48 MB of RAM.

2. I received the following e-mail from Orinoco regarding their driver on PB1400's:

"Our 802.11b driver doesn't work with your model PowerBook because it requires an internal application called PC Card Manager 3. Unfortunately, this isn't a file on the hard drive that you can upgrade.?

PC Card Manager 3?

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  1. Look, here's the bottom line. . it works
    2003-10-26 20:17:29  anonymous2 [View]

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