The Death of HyperCard?
Subject:   Salvation of HyperCard
Date:   2001-03-30 05:45:19
From:   robindimi

HyperCard should be saved, as well as given a technology boost.

I've noticed that Apple now have a Help Center application, as well as numerous online documents and tutorials to help novice users.

Could HyperCard not get a large technology boost by making it act more as a Web client with active scripting content. Adding more commonly used technologies to it (HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, Applets) could they not then create a lightweight Cardplayer application/client that could be used to play interactive presentations, or be used when providing online help?

If this client became as ubiquitous as e.g. Acrobat Reader/Quicktime Player then HyperCard could sell a lot authoring tools and allow the client to be downloaded for free.

If Apple incorporated the need for the HyperCard client in the OS - e.g to read online help then it would be a product with a future for sure.

The fundamental ideas that drove the creation of an application like HyperCard still hold true today, companies like MacroMedia make a good living off of them too. MacOS is one of the most media orientated platforms around and it would be a shame to see one of the groundbreaking apps to go the way the dodo just because it may not be seen as 'core business' in the current climate.