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  Single Sign-on for Your Web Applications with Apache and Kerberos
Subject:   SPNEGO and JAVA
Date:   2003-10-24 02:01:22
From:   anonymous2
I tried the microsoft spnego lib used in this article with java. I unwrap the spnego token and i pass the byte array to the GSSContext instance acceptSecContext. The error is:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Authentication time of ticket cannot be null
at javax.security.auth.kerberos.KerberosTicket.init(KerberosTicket.java:279)
at javax.security.auth.kerberos.KerberosTicket.(KerberosTicket.java:222)
at sun.security.jgss.krb5.Krb5InitCredential.(Krb5InitCredential.java:118)
at sun.security.jgss.krb5.Krb5InitCredential.getInstance(Krb5InitCredential.java:198)
at sun.security.jgss.krb5.InitSecContextToken.(InitSecContextToken.java:107)
at sun.security.jgss.krb5.Krb5Context.acceptSecContext(Krb5Context.java:584)
at sun.security.jgss.GSSContextImpl.acceptSecContext(GSSContextImpl.java:300)
at sun.security.jgss.GSSContextImpl.acceptSecContext(GSSContextImpl.java:246)
at ifx.gssauth.GSSAuthFilter.doFilter(GSSAuthFilter.java:132)

It looks the context cannot build up its internal representation of the kerberos ticket from the kerberos token. Do you have any ideeas?

Thank you in advance.

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