The PHP Scalability Myth
Subject:   Anyone who doesn't have an opinion, please stand up.
Date:   2003-10-24 04:32:02
From:   anonymous2
First, I am sure that this message will have it's share of haters, but what the heck.

Second, I am no expert in either technology, and I claim this openly. So, those who only care what self-proclaimed experts say, please disregard the rest of this post.

Finally, the point of this post is in support of the article. I think (which is to say that you can think whatever you want, I am not going to ASSume that only my opinion matters), that the point of the writing is to say that PHP is a very valid technology, and an alternative to other web application development technologies. So, if you don't like Java, try PHP. If you don't like PHP, well, then don't use it.

Some of you spend entirely too much time bashing technologies you don't like. It almost seems that you want to be in some sort of club that is better than all of the other clubs. If that's the case, my club is founded on the philosophy, that if it works for you, great use it, otherwise don't. And if you want to think that you are better than me because of the technology you use, than fine, you are better than me. But enough of this, I am actually going to get some work done. Reply as you will, I won't read it anyway.