Taxing Questions: Are Compulsory Licenses a Solution to the P2P Debate?
Subject:   Privatecy issues with this
Date:   2003-10-24 17:16:38
From:   anonymous2
The main problem I see with this is they still want data on actual usage, and whay about if someone (like me) simply will not allow much information to be sent. (First I set my media player not to send any information, or automatically retreive DRM information, then use a firewall to block any outgoing information from it.) Will the file then not work?, If this is the case, right off the bat, I want nothing to do with it! Also, if there is any restrictions in place (like the inability to convert to a differant file type, or not being able to use them to create a standard Audio CD with a custome list of tracks), no good either.
The best I can think of, and still maintain privatecy, is to get the logs from the P2P networks, but even then, they would need to agree not to send any IP or user name information, or again not good enough for me.
And finally, compliance would need to be volentary - meaning no network would even be required to keep a log at all, and those that do, provide a way for indivisual users to opt-out of this....