Performance Test: 802.11b Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'
Subject:   It depends on whether you're inside the oven...
Date:   2001-03-30 16:54:09
From:   human_bean
The following offered, for your perusal:

As part of an emergency preparedness test, I was asked to roll out phones and networking inside a local Civic Center. A federal regulatory agency shows up with their 802.11 gear to show us yokels how things are done. Nothing worked. They couldn't get across the main ballroom (approx 500 feet), even using directional antenna The previous night, the center had been decorated for a dance event, and the decorations consisted of aluminiumised mylar fringes hanging from every wall and ceiling rafter, all fluttering in the breeze. The multipathing couldn't have been stronger if they tried.