Use Metadata to Improve Your Pictures
Subject:   Writing Metadata
Date:   2003-10-26 18:52:09
From:   jdbscience
The article on using metadata to improve one's pictures is very interesting and helpful. However, I think it is almost as important to be able to WRITE comments, captions, and other things of that ilk to an EXIF file.

iPhoto does a little bit of this by writing to the mangled images that it stores in its "Library". GraphicConverter does a bit more and iView Media and media pro seem to do even more.

It would, however, be especially nice to do this in a batch mode, perhaps using an AppleWorks database to edit the fields and then using AppleScript to extract the info from the database and drive another very simple app to write it to files in a folder.

Perhaps there already exists a UNIX app to do this kind of thing from the command line (and therefore, from a shell script).

Thanks for listening. I hope to hears omething back.
Best Wishes
John D. Barnes